May 17, 2014

New Visual Arts Center Comes to Westchester Square

In a small storefront on East Tremont Avenue, the recently relocated Westchester Square Arts Center captures the attention of passersby with the buzzing of activity from its students and supporters. Lenny Sneed, the Executive Director of the Center, beams with pride when discussing their new location, where they have been for the last four months. 

The Center, which had previously been located at St. Raymonds Avenue for the last year, has lots to offer residents says Lenny. "Our mission is to offer the community professional art instruction, workshops to introduce them into the business of art, and instruction on how to put together portfolios to aspire to get themselves into the art world."

Regarding his inspiration for this project, Lenny recalls how he had been in the art business for 40 years. Having recently retired, he felt that opening a center was a perfect opportunity to immerse himself into the community. "Everybody who has any kind of artistic passion can come in and see what we are about." 

To find out more or to join the Arts Center, visit their location at 2616 East Tremont Avenue or on their website at Check out additional pictures of the artists in action on the Bronx On The Go's Facebook photo album.

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