February 20, 2014

Pop's Boxing Gym attracts a full house as it hosts Golden Gloves Prelims

Pop's Boxing Gym drew huge crowds to Bedford Park on Wednesday night as it hosted the New York Daily News' Golden Gloves Preliminary bouts in Bronx County. Additionally, I had the opportunity to speak with Ray Farrait, eldest son of the late Pastor Ralph Farrait, about what he thought about tonight's event.

"We have a great turnout, with about 300 people coming in and out tonight. A lot of people come to cheer on their friends, or are waiting for them to start. Sometimes we get 20-30 people coming in at a time to watch a fight. It has been a very busy day for us so far."

So for those who want to take a glimpse at what tonight was about, check out the following link to a video of Round 2 of the fifth fight on the card (Michael Garcia, Gold, Kingsway Boxing Club vs. Joel Lugo, Blue, Morris Park Boxing Club).

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