February 4, 2014

Bronx Young Dems Persevere Over Blizzard, First Networking Event in 2014 a Success

Despite over six inches of snow on Monday blanketing the Bronx, the Bronx Young Democrats (BYD) drew nearly three dozen hardy souls to brave the weather and network with one another about work, politics, and current events in the borough. BYD, which seeks to empower Bronx residents through outreach, educational activities and advocacy, hosted this event at the Bronx Ale House in the Northwest Bronx,  one of several favorite venues for this organization.

Local Councilman Andrew Cohen of the 11th District, where the Ale House is located, was present and supportive of the event and the organization. “It’s always great to have the event nearby in the district,” he stated, but he also acknowledged the hard work of the organization in “…getting young people to be engaged” in the political process and in what’s happening in their communities.

While Mr. Cohen was the only elected official at today’s event, the organization has drawn many other officials and candidates to their meetings in the past. In September, just before the democratic primary, a similar networking function attracted several mayoral candidates and a number of officials seeking reelection.

The event drew out more than just die-hard members. Present were individuals employed by citywide, borough-wide, state, or local officials, young professionals, and local entrepreneurs. Daniel Johnson, secretary for the BYD, commented that the event was designed to create a setting where individuals working in the political realm can network and have a good time. While many gathered into small groups and popped in and out of each other’s orbit, a good part of the conversations centered on the recent election of newly-minted (and snow-tested) Mayor DeBlasio and the rise of Councilwoman Mark-Viverito to Speaker of the Council. Others conversed about recent job changes, as their former employers have moved into new positions, while still others talked about local issues (after all, all politics is local).

BYD also presented two lucky winners with gift certificates to the Bronx Ale House, Charlie Samboy of the Urban Poets Society and member of Bronx Community Board 2, and Marcos “El Flanadero” Sierra, Norwood entrepreneur and soon-to-be candidate for district leader in the 80th Assembly District. As BYD’s success continues to climb, we look forward to the group expanding and doing more to engage young Bronxites in getting involved and making a difference.

For more photos from the event, visit the Bronx On The Go Official Facebook Page.

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  1. Northwest Bronx DemocratsFebruary 4, 2014 at 12:09 PM

    The Northwest Bronx Democrats (NWBx Dems) congratulates resident Marcos Sierra , according to Bronx on The Go, on his upcoming decision for District Leader-Male Candidate of the 80th Assembly District

    Marcos was helpful in the workings of then Assembly candidate, Mark Gjonaj , in 2012.

    The NWBx Dems were instrumental in Bedford Park & Norwood, working, managing and supervising the campaign work of then Candidate Mark Gjonaj in 2012.

    While this is NOT an endorsement for Mr Sierra (we meet all candidates before making an endorsement decision) Marcos, while a non NWBx member , is a welcome candidate in what we believe will be a full slate on candidates for this position in 2014.

    As of this writing we know of 4 "unofficial candidates" at this time. Mr Sierra was very smart (with assistance from Bronx on The Go ) to make it "semi-formal" at this time.

    We await his "official announcement" along with several others in the upcoming weeks. Current District Leader, Mr Kenny Agosto no longer lives in the District and can not run in 2014 for this seat.

    If anyone is considering an electoral run for public & electoral service in our community, please be aware that several clubs in the 78th & 80th Assembly Districts (including ours) are networking and discussing opportunities for Congressional & State Candidates (and current). If anyone wants to understand the process or needs any help, please feel free to reach out

    As of this writing we are currently having discussions with "unofficial candidates" for Female District leader -80th Assembly District