January 4, 2014

Bronx Small Biz Highlight: The Blow Styling Bar, A Flare without the Fare in the Bronx

By Bharati Kemraj

Relax, watch some television and even stay for a massage because Blow Styling Bar is a brand new “blow dry bar” concept created around a very simple idea of: No Cuts. No Colors. Just Blowouts. It is a hair styling salon offering customers a wash, blowout and set for less than the price of a manicure and pedicure.

Rachel Idaspe well known in the Beauty Industry as “Raven” is back home in the Morris Park area and ready to beautify the community one head at a time. With over 25 years of experience and a hair salon in Manhattan she is breaking down some language barriers with the “Look Book” and offering hands on work opportunities to “New Beauties” or those who have graduated from Beauty School and looking to advance in their careers at the styling bar located at 1741 Colden Avenue in the Bronx.

One concept that is making it easy to break down any challenges between stylists and clients is a simple Look Book. It is something that any client can look at and let their hair stylist know exactly what they want done to their hair. “Many hair salons hire people from all over the world, and communication can become an issue. The Look Book comes in handy with catchy little names and speaking to each other does not have to feel uncomfortable. Stylists and clients can communicate via images,” explains Rachel, owner and colorist of the Blow Styling Bar. “Usually people who graduate from beauty schools are sweeping hair, mopping floors and doing towels, but here they get hands on experience with visuals to help. The right training can go a long way to being successful.”

Business partner and masseuse, Tina Savignano known as “Candy” for her massages offered at the Styling Bar, and Rachael have known each other since they were eight years old and remembers growing up around the block and hanging out by the Golden Diner. “This is so nice to be in our neighborhood and see friends and family. I just love it and I enjoy what I do. I have so many stories from around the area,” smiles Tina as she chuckles at childhood memories. “It gives me extreme happiness to open this place with my friend Tina and since I have trained a lot of individuals in the industry, they are stopping by to help out. I wanted to bring a little bit of the 'Manhattan flare' to the Bronx, and this is it. This area is thriving and very family-oriented. People deserve to look good and feel relaxed,” says Rachael.

Anyone who enters the Blow Styling Bar can see and feel a difference in the way it is set up compared to other salons. On the right wall there are hooks for customers to free their hands and soft white chairs with a smooth counter top for clients to take a seat. Turn to the left and a comfy seating area with pillows awaits anyone who is next on the schedule or simply waiting. A bit further there are large mirrors for the big reveal followed by the register and the massage room in the back. “This setting allows a bond between the stylist and the client and throughout the entire process, people are not ripping themselves apart while looking at the mirror in front of them,” stated Rachel. “I realize people sit and instead of relaxing or having a conversation, they look at themselves and start thinking. Here when they are completely done, they get the chair spun around to see the big reveal from shampoo to finish in the large mirrors behind them. The salon was designed for this reason, and we welcome anyone who comes through our doors.”

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