October 19, 2013

So why doesn't Twitter (and other sites) recognize the Bronx?

According to Twitter's search results, the Bronx is NOT found.
So I was minding my business (literally) and trying to post a simple picture about the leaves changing color in the Bronx, and I came across an error message as I was tagging the location for my pic. I thought I made some sort of mistake, as I just started using Twitter, but no, there it was again. I tried typing it in slowly, and "Bronxville, NY" came out in the auto fill box. I then tried backspacing "ville", but no, that didn't work either. 

Now I'm wondering, how many Bronxites are using Twitter? I know that I'm following a few dozen groups and personalities, but how many more residents from the Bronx are following them? I would easily say a few thousand at least. So is this a computer error, or an oversight?

I find it hard to believe that a company that is about to go public and make BILLIONS of dollars on its IPO doesn't have the capacity to recognize an error in its programming, but does it have the willingness to address it? Twitter has been around for a few years, and I find it nearly impossible to believe that I am the only one who has come across it. So is it a matter of people not speaking up and reporting it to Twitter? Or has it been reported and fallen on deaf ears? 

It is a problem not only with Twitter, but many other websites as well. While they are eager to gain customers, they often times prejudge their client base and overlook the borough in simple ways such as this. Do they really believe that do not have customers with interests in the Bronx? 

Now I'm not advocating for people to drop Twitter, but I'm asking Bronxites to join me in sending your feedback to the company and let them know to add the Bronx in its search engine (and other) functions. Remember that respect, like everything else, is earned not given. Tweet about that Bronxites!

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