October 20, 2013

Japan Meets the Bronx: Pics from the NY Botanical Garden's annual "Kiku, the Art of the Japanese Garden" exhibit.

On the NY Botanical Garden's website (NYBG - Kiku), they describe the chrysanthemum, or Kiku in Japanese, as the most celebrated of Japan's fall-flowering plant. This annual exhibit does not disappoint, and it demonstrates the meticulous and beautiful work by gardeners to capture this Japanese art form. It is impressive to see these displays, some of which include hundreds of individual flowers set in place such as the one on the bottom picture.

The actual practice is called hanami in Japanese, and as the Garden's website describes it, is a "traditional custom of enjoying the ephemeral beauty of flowers, spotlighting a centerpiece of unforgettable kiku trained to grow in a mesmerizing variety of shapes and styles".

While the display is only available during the month of October, it takes approximately 11 months to grow and shape the entire arrangement.That is separate from the amount of time it takes to plan and coordinate the display, which changes slightly every. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, you only have a few days left to do so, so head down there soon or you'll have to wait until next year. For more pics, check out our Facebook Page albums.

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