October 18, 2013

Following your dreams

Welcome everyone to Bronx On The Go! It has been a desire of mine to provide residents and visitors alike with news about the people, places, businesses and events that make the Bronx a happening place. We want to promote all that is good about the Bronx and combat the negative stereotypes pushed by much of the media, without sugarcoating the issues that matter.

The Bronx has a lot to offer, yet many people can't (and some won't) see all that the borough has to offer. So why the Bronx? First off, the Bronx is NOT what it use to be in the 80's and 90's. I remember what it was like, and the Bronx has come a long way baby! Much of that comeback is due to the residents', both long time and transplants, willingness to defend itself against stereotypes that are often repeated by those who profit off of promoting the negative imagery.

But enough about those wanting to keep us down! I want to talk about what is going to move us forward. There are young entrepreneurs with enough hustle to cut out their own niche that are making it here. We also have lots of great institutions that make their home here, both world renowned and hidden gems, that make the Bronx a great destination. And that's what this blog is about, calling attention to the positive. Whether it is a borough-wide event, or happening just around the corner, we want to support the people who push, struggle and sweat to help move themselves and the Bronx forward. Hope you're willing to join us for the ride.

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